Geographic information system

Lugano, Piazza Riforma, Piazza Riforma, 6900 Lugano

03.09.2019, 09:00 - 18:00

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Città di Lugano

A geographical information system, or even a spatial information system, generally abbreviated as GIS (Geographic Information System), is a computer system capable of associating data to their geographical position and processing them to extract information, or rather, a computerized information system that, through a series of procedures and software tools, allows the acquisition, recording, analysis, processing, display, return, sharing and presentation of spatial information derived from geographical data.

The City of Lugano has had a GIS system for many years. Through a Web application developed and managed by the City, it is possible to visualize interactive maps for the integrated, graphic and alphanumeric consultation of spatial data.

Città di Lugano

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