What do you think about self-driving vehicles? Talk to Project Debater in Lugano

Lugano, Piazza Riforma, 6900 Lugano

03.09.2019, 09:00 - 18:00

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Lugano Living Lab, Città di Lugano

Take part in the experiment Project Debater - Speech by Crowd and contribute to the speech generated by the Artificial Intelligence that will be presented at the Lugano Digital Day, September 3, 2019.

Project Debater - Speech by Crowd is an innovative Artificial Intelligence system capable of processing human thought in a highly performing way. The innovative experimental platform has been developed since 2011 in the laboratories of IBM Research.

In Lugano it will be tested for the first time on an urban scale and the speeches generated by the Artificial Intelligence will be presented at the Digital Day on September 3.

How to participate:

By September 3, enter your arguments (in Italian language) on the topic "We should further explore the development of self-driving vehicles" anonymously at this link or respond to city operators.

On 3 September, on the occasion of Digital Lugano Day 2019, the two speeches generated by Speech by Crowd in favour of and against the development of self-driving vehicles will be presented. The aim is to collect more than 1000 arguments.

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