H-Benchmark Hospitality Data Intelligence

Lugano, Piazza Riforma, Piazza Riforma, 6900 Lugano

03.09.2019, 09:00 - 18:00

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Municipio de Lugano

Lugano Region and Hotelleriesuisse Ticino Sottoceneri Section attend the Digital Day 2019 with a territorial project of strong enrichment for the whole local tourism sector. 

Since 2018, in fact, a digital collaborative platform, H-benchmark (hospitality data intelligence), has been adopted, which allows tour operators, in particular hoteliers, to compare themselves with their territory by monitoring various indicators including average market prices, level of employment, trends based on the presence or absence of events on site. One of the real added values compared to other platforms on the market is that it is possible to obtain an aggregation of data in real time, unifying different sources and providing forecasts and strategic information to promote the destination in the short and medium term. 

The project, which is expected to be something absolutely unique at the national level, will see the introduction from the end of 2019 as a scientific partner of the IRE - Institute for Economic Research which, in collaboration with the Tourism Observatory (O-Tur), will integrate this information with the data currently available, thus providing a more complete analysis through reports and ad hoc infographics.

Lugano Region
Hotellerie Suisse

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