POSTEVENT: AI Lab: Artificial Intelligence Demystified Workshop - 7th & 8th Sept

Collège Champittet, Lausanne Pully (A)
Talacker Zürich, Talacker 41, Zurich (B)

03.09.2019, 08:00 - 19.00

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TechSpark Academy

TechSpark Academy AI Lab: Adults & Teens


Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our life and our livelihoods. It’s curating every screen, influencing decisions about loans, hiring, our vacations and more. AI and Machine learning: what are the basics of how it all works? 

What is AI?

In this session we will focus Machine learning, the most common type of AI, made possible by mind blowing advances in computing power and unbelievable vast amounts of data.

What will we do?

We will review today’s technologies, demystify AI, explore their future impact, and look at how we are preparing the next generation. We will also share a practical example of Machine Learning, by demonstrating how a commonly used computer language - Python, can be used to write an image recognition algorithm.