Policy Cooking Workshop: Biodiversität

Digitalization brings opportunities for participatory democracy: Experience the "Policy Kitchen" method for crowdsourced policy recommendations by foraus - Swiss forum on foreign policy! Cook with us and tackle the challenge of global biodiversity loss, using policykitchen.com. 

Theaterplatz 2, Bern
17:00 - 21:00
Themenwelten: Education
Unternehmen: Foraus
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Policy Cooking Workshop: Biodiversität


Digitalization is often seen as a threat to democracy (fake news, filter bubbles, election interference...), but it also presents massive opportunities for more inclusive and participatory political processes.

Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing methodology developed by foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. This innovative project enables a diverse network of thinkers to find creative policy recipes for real and pressing challenges. The methodology is built on a crowd innovation platform, a series of Policy Cooking Workshops in different cities, and a support process to bring the best recipes to policy impact. 

Policy Kitchen is public and allows for bottom-up participation in the political process. Any person, irrespective of background or location, can participate and contribute ideas. Through a global network of Open Think Tanks and other partners, Policy Kitchen will enable a transnational civil society to share their voice global politics. 

visit policykitchen.com to find out more. 



We chose global biodiversity loss as our pilot challenge, because:

- biodiversity is crucial for the survival of mankind
- we're losing species 1000 times faster than before the anthropocene
- it's a complex international issue that isn't treated with the necessary priority.

... this makes it a perfect challenge for crowd intelligence! 



Experience the "Policy Kitchen" method at our workshop in Bern. Taking place in a nice apartment at the center of Berne, we bring together experts and an interested public to co-create solutions, using our innovation methodology and digital platform. It is the last of 7 workshops from Geneva to Berlin. 

Participation is free and inculdes apéro and drinks. Pring your own laptop. Please register beforehand.  


Policy Kitchen is supported by Engagement Migros


Theaterplatz 2, Bern

Theaterplatz 2, Bern

Über uns

foraus (Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy) generates independent, high quality recommendations for Swiss foreign policy decision makers and the public, thereby bridging the gap between academia and politics. Its non-partisan approach aims to promote an open dialogue and informed decision-making on all aspects of Swiss foreign policy. foraus is a grassroots organization. Its success as a think tank is based on its members’ voluntary commitment. Members are primarily graduates and young professionals, active in a nationwide network of young researchers and foreign policy enthusiasts.


Telling me the ecological footprint of every product i buy.
Jonas Nakonz, Project Manager Policy Kitchen, foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy

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