Skillset or Mindset?

Zurich, main station

03.09.2019, 08:00 - 19.00

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Lavoro 4.0


When you visit our booth, we will demonstrate why the mindset and not just the skillset is important in the new reality.

With us you can learn to know your strengths, interests, unconventional and creative thinking and how they can be shaped in the occupations of the future. The reason is that as our tasks and tools become increasingly digitalised and automated, our future occupations will be increasingly individual and creative.

We are also sure that not everything will be different in the new reality. Humans with their deeply human attributes, empathy, intuition and common sense will remain unique in the future and therefore irreplaceable.

We see and recognise that robots and artificial intelligence will take over an increasing number of our everyday tasks in the future. On the other hand, we believe that this will unbelievably expand the scope for us humans to operate and engage where we are best: in areas involving creativity, collaboration, communication and social interaction.

We should not allow ourselves to be caught by surprise but should contribute towards shaping our own future. Come by and meet us at our booth in Zurich Main Station and discover your occupation of the future.