L'Intelligenza Artificiale impara a correre

Lugano, Piazza Riforma, Piazza Riforma, 6900 Lugano

03.09.2019, 09:00 - 18:00

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Travail 4.0

Municipio de Lugano

In 2017, NNAISENSE won the NIPS "Learning to Run" Challenge, the biggest AI competition of its time, beating over 450 competitors from industry and academia.  The NNAISENSE entry was able to learn from scratch, in a few weeks, how to control the 18 muscles of a realistic simulated humanoid to run as fast as possible and avoid obstacles, setting a new standard in the field of AI-based control.

NNAISENSE will present a video showing the winning solution at the NIPS17 "Learning to Run" Deep Reinforcement Learning competition.
We will also present other activities, such as a video that demonstrates their innovative work with Audi in self parking and with the industrial automation partner Festo in controlling their bionic soft hand, as well as the results of their competition won in the NIPS17 "Learning to Run" Deep Reinforcement Learning competition.