Experience a visit to the virtual communal administration office

Bern, Generationenhaus, Bahnhofplatz 2, 3011 Bern (A)
Lugano, Piazza Riforma, Piazza Riforma, 6900 Lugano (B)

03.09.2019, 08:00 - 19.00

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Smart City


Do you need to renew your ID card, inform the authorities that you have moved to a new city, or handle other administrative tasks in your commune or municipality? These things can take a lot of time because they require you to go to your local authority in person, and often involve lengthy waiting times.

Now, imagine being able to take care of these administrative matters without leaving your home. The Virtual Communal Administration Office powered by Swisscom makes it a reality! All you need to do is open your laptop, click the ‘Live Online Office’ button on the website of your commune/municipality, and you will be connected with a friendly employee who is happy to help.

The live transfer is encrypted and features the greatest degree of protection that Swisscom has to offer. The Winterthur Tax Administration Office has been using the Virtual Communal Administration Office since December 2018.

Want to see for yourself how it works? Just stop by!

(Please note that the opening times in Lugano are between 9am and 6pm, in Berne you can visit us between 8am and 7pm.)