UZH Digital Day Live Talks

Zurich, main station

03.09.2019, 17:23 - 17:35

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University of Zurich

Researchers from the University of Zurich present their research projects on digitalization live on the main stage at Zurich Central Station!

Digitalization does not stop at politics. Nowadays, the election campaign is increasingly taking place online. The use of social media to distinguish oneself and win votes has become a matter of course and indispensable for candidates and parties.

What is the situation in Switzerland - how will the digital election campaign for the upcoming federal elections in 2019 be conducted? Which candidates and parties have distinguished themselves the most on Facebook and Twitter? The lecture by political scientist Fabrizio Gilardi, based on data and evaluations from the Digital Democracy Lab of the University of Zurich, will show it.

17:23 - 17:35

Wer gewinnt die Wahl im Internet? Eine Analyse des Digitalen Wahlkampfes in der Schweiz (in German)

Fabrizio Gilardi, Prof. Dr., Department for Political Science, UZH