«tell»: Whom do you trust with your data – and what do you want in return?

Basel, Meret Oppenheim Platz Südseite Bahnhof SBB

03.09.2019, 18:00 - 20:30

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Digital Region Basel

Impact Hub Switzerland

Data are currently being collected, linked, and analyzed very broadly, also in sensitive areas like medicine and health. Algorithms can increasingly well predict behavior, opinions, lifestyle, or health of groups and persons. The individual often has little direct benefit from the re-use of the data and does not necessarily know who analyzes what data for what purpose.

This raises fundamental questions that require a consensus by society: e.g. How do we deal with the re-use of our data today and in the future? How much trust do we have and how much control do we want over the use of our personal data? Under what conditions are we willing to share our data and with whom?

We invite you to discuss how your life is changing because of digital transformation, what hopes and fears you have, and what needs to be done so that all can benefit from digitalization.


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This event is organized by Personalized Health Basel and Impact Hub Basel with support from DayOne