Introduction to Machine Learning (in Englisch)

Zurich, Google Office | Europaallee, Google Office, Europaallee 36

03.09.2019, 11:00 - 11:30

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What we’ll discuss
In this talk, we’ll cover:
An introduction to the most critical machine learning (ML) concepts and terms
A basic discussion of some of the mathematical concepts underlying many ML approaches
A high-level overview of machine learning applications, current problems and challenges, etc.

What you’ll learn
You will leave this talk with a greater sense of familiarity with ML concepts and awareness of the types of problems ML can and can’t solve. Our ultimate goal is to give everyone a basic sense of ML literacy, and be able to think about news stories and business problems in a more informed way.

Who is this talk for
This introductory talk is best suited for non-technical managers and individual contributors who have no prior experience with ML.

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