Intelligent solutions for the smart city of Zurich

Zurich, main station

03.09.2019, 08:00 - 19.00

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Smart City


Come to the joint ewz, VBZ (Zurich Public Transport), OIZ (Zurich IT and Organisation Division) and Zurich Urban Development stand to discover how innovative projects are making life easier in the smart city of Zurich.

Smart VBZ transport stops combine environmental, cost-saving and safety measures: intelligent LED lighting from ewz dims the lights at unoccupied stops. If a person approaches, the lighting brightens again. Smart displays based on e-paper provide passengers with up-to-date information; in future, they will also show how full each VBZ tram or bus is in real time. Another innovation is the digital Zurich city maps, which display weather forecasts and a wide range of points of interest in addition to offering directions. Ultra-fast fibre optic cables from ewz serve as the information superhighway for a range of such intelligent applications.

With the help of Zurich’s ‘digital twin’, prospective buildings can be better depicted – directly on location in the urban context. These digital applications also make it easier to carry out construction work.

Join us to discover intelligent solutions for a smart Zurich.