Huawei StorySign Launch Romandie

Watergate, Lausanne, Avenue Emile-Henri-Jaques-Dalcroze 9, Lausanne

03.09.2019, 16:00 - 19:00

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There are currently around 10'000 deaf people in Switzerland – many of them have been born deaf. The language development of deaf and hearing-impaired children can be significantly promoted with today’s digital technology. To this end, Huawei has launched an app in autumn 2018 to help children learn to read. The free Android StorySign app was designed and developed in collaboration with experts and non-profit organisations such as the European Union for the Deaf. In Switzerland, Huawei is working on this project with the Swiss Federation of the Deaf (SGB-FFS).

Based on Avatar Technology, StorySign translates selected children’s books into sign language in real time. Now the app will be launched in French for the first time in French-speaking Switzerland. An important step, because the “langue des signes Suisse” differs fundamentally from the Swiss-German sign language. Accordingly, we are organizing an unforgettable afternoon directly by the lake of Lausanne, with numerous activities for young and old, such as children’s face paint, dressing up, reading books with the app and culinary delicacies. Christa Rigozzi, our StorySign ambassador, will accompany and moderate the event.