Experience what your modern, digitised living room will look like in the future!

Zurich, main station

03.09.2019, 08:00 - 19.00

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Smart City


Digitalisation is fundamentally changing our day-to-day lives. Not long ago, many homes still had rotary telephones. Just a few years ago, there will still many people without smartphones or mobile phones with internet access. Today it’s hard to imagine our lives without these devices. By now, it’s even possible to manage your everyday life with your smartphone: want to use an app to brew your coffee just how you like it in terms of strength and flavour? Or maybe you’d like to switch the lights on or off at home while you’re sitting in your office? You can do all this and more with just a simple tap of your smartphone.

Come along with us on a journey through the past and future of digitalisation and experience what your modern, digitalised living room might look like in the future.