Every day, 6'100 employees work to satisfy the needs of more than 1.4 million customers: private individuals as well as small, medium and large companies and institutions. Our ambition is to be a reliable partner for our customers not only today, but also in the future with the right products and services. Supporting our customers in dealing with risks has been our core business since 1872. 

Nowadays, everyone is talking about "Future of Work" (FoW) and "Internet of Things" (IoT), and yet these terms raise more questions than they provide answers. What exactly do they stand for? As an employee or employer, what should you think of FoW? What opportunities and risks does IoT bring to the insurance world and beyond?

We want to drive a sustainable and innovative future with and for the civil society. But this is only possible when we participate in active dialogues with YOU! You and many other open-minded people help to determine the direction in which Switzerland is going to develop. Dare to look ahead and help shape your future. We look forward to creating the basis for innovative and promising projects together with YOU - LET'S CREATE A BRIGHTER FUTURE TOGETHER! 

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