22. Oktober 2018, Laurent Le Diagon, Gfi Switzerland

How could we qualify artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is not a recent topic as we think. This concept appeared during the 50s. In the 80's it led to the development of a significant portion of the algorithms that we rediscover today.


Artificial intelligence is characterized as the study of intelligent agents as devices perceiving their environment and offering measures maximizing their own chance of success to achieve a predefined goal. The word "artificial intelligence" can be applied when a machine is able to imitate the cognitive functions of humans, such as learning or complex problem solving and decision-making. Machines are also able to learn. The main challenges of artificial intelligence are currently reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception and finally the ability to move and manipulate objects.

The real added value of artificial intelligence today is the ability to bundle algorithms with massive data in real time.


Health is probably one of the most important fields of application of artificial intelligence, even if we are at the beginning. But the use of artificial intelligence by the population in many areas will promote its development, its use in the daily life of patients and health professionals.


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Laurent Le Diagon, Gfi Switzerland